PU Edging: the Quality Edging Solution for your Business

Whether you’re looking to create a hygienic workspace or you’re a retailer looking for greater customisation for your shop fit, PU edging is a fantastic solution.

So just what is PU edging?

Polyurethane edging is a highly resistant, durable and attractive edging solution which enables the customisation of any surface. Retail Furniture is one of only several manufacturers who specialise in the service. With over thirty years’ experience in making PU edges, you can trust us to produce the highest quality results.

What are the benefits?

Many of our clients choose PU edging as it so versatile. The edges can be produced in an almost endless array of shapes and profiles so it is ideal for customising your pieces. Plus, when you opt for a PU edging solution, you can choose to have the edges made in a different colour to your surfaces. With swatches from the RAL and Pantone colour charts available to choose from, it’s easy to match your surfaces to your company branding.

Another key reason PU edging is so appealing is because it is perfect for maintaining a hygienic environment. It prevents bacteria from becoming trapped in the space between the edges and main surface due to a hermetical seal that’s created when they’re fitted together. PU edging’s hygienic properties make it invaluable to the medical sector and we are proud to have providing PU edging solutions to the NHS.

Whether it’s an attractive, customisable surface you’re looking for or you need a practical, durable and hygienic workspace then we would certainly recommend PU edging. For more information or to discuss how PU edging could benefit your business, please get in touch with us today.



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