Meet The Team: Adrian Cox, Customer Account Manager

It’s time to meet another member of the Retail Furniture family! This month we’ve put one of our customer account managers, Adrian Cox, in the hot seat.


Adrian joined the team nine years ago as a bench joiner and has recently made the transition to account manager. In his new role, Adrian works closely with our clients to understand their needs and communicates this to our workshop team, ensuring that products are always delivered to brief.

Aside from his time spent building relationships with our clients, Adrian is a huge sports fan and will watch pretty much any sport he can find on TV. When it comes to his own sporting prowess, Adrian is a keen golfer and also enjoys getting out in the fresh air on his bike.

Proving he truly is sports-mad, when he was at school, Adrian dreamed of becoming a professional footballer. Thankfully for us, he found his skills were better suited to joinery back in 2007!

To finish things off, we put Adrian on the spot with our quick-fire questions…

What 3 things would you take with you on a desert island?
“My bike, Sky TV and supermarket home delivery.”

If you were a superhero, what would your super power be?
“To predict the lottery numbers!”

My favourite thing about working at Retail Furniture is…
“Definitely the people.”

Stay tuned for another employee profile next month!


How To Choose The Right Shop Fit

It’s important to put real thought into your shop fit and the style you choose speaks volumes about your brand. From influencing the likelihood of a sale to securing a return visit, there’s a lot riding on creating the best layout for your brand. (You can read more on the link between your shop fit and brand perception here.)

So, how do you choose a shop fit? Do you opt for minimalist displays or floor-to-ceiling shelves showcasing your entire product range? It all comes down to what you’re selling and where you’d like to position your brand. Start by answering these simple questions:

  • Where is your brand positioned in the market?
  • How many products do you want to display – a select few or choices from multiple brands?
  • Who is your customer? Where else do they like to shop?
  • How have your competitors designed their stores?

poundland-sloughPoundland Slough (Photo Credit: Professional Images)

For value retailers and larger stores like supermarkets, you want to influence the route of your customers as much as possible to maximise upsell and cross-sell opportunities. For this style of shop, an easy-to-navigate aisle layout with shelves displaying a variety of choice is ideal (remember to place your most popular products at eye level.) Here, quality is certainly important in your shop fit, but it should also be highly practical and not distract your shoppers. They’re looking for convenience when they enter your store so think simple, hard-wearing shelving units – steer clear of patterns and bold colours.


L’Occitane, Grand Central Birmingham (Photo Credit: Birmingham Mail)

When it comes to premium retail, less is more when it comes to product display; don’t put every product you stock on show. Instead, use a select few to create beautiful displays. Don’t opt for an aisle layout here; luxury is focused on wants rather than needs, so let people cast their eyes over everything in store and gravitate towards the product that grabs them the most. Display units, counters and cabinets enclosing the most exclusive items, all work well in a premium retail setting. Minimalism is certainly the way to go here – think plenty of space and white backdrops with a streamlined colour palette to create subtle contrasts.

At Retail Furniture, we have a wealth of experience in manufacturing shop fitting solutions for a number of retailers, from bargain stores through to luxury boutiques. Whatever your needs, we can help you create the perfect shop fit, so get in touch today.

The Importance of a Quality Shop Fit

If you’ve ever watched any of retail guru Mary Portas’ TV shows, you don’t need us to tell you how important a quality shopping experience is to your business. A huge part of that experience is determined by your shop fitting and layout. Your customers’ first impressions, how they move through your store and the perceived value of your products, is all influenced by your shop fit.

So just what is it about your retail furniture that is so important?

The high street is more competitive than ever and shoppers are certainly not short of choice. It’s vital for retailers to stand out from the crowd and a quality shop fit with clear, attractive signage is often more important than a competitive price. Take John Lewis for example; their close attention to customer experience in store is what stops their customers straying to their more inexpensive rivals.

Brand Identity

Your shop is quite literally the showcase of your brand. Your in-store colour scheme and design should be completely in line with your branding. Take the time to really think about what your brand values are and incorporate this into your shop design – if everything around them, from shelves to signage, signals that you’re a quality retailer, then psychologically shoppers place a higher value on your products.

Customer Loyalty

Shopping is an emotional experience – customers buy a product because of how it makes them feel. Creating a positive shopping experience from the minute your customers walk through the door helps them to develop positive feelings towards your brand and your products. This can mean they spend longer in store and increase the potential of a sale.

If a customer has a positive experience in your store, they are more likely to return time and again because they trust in the quality of your products and services. Over time, this helps to create advocates for your brand who will recommend your business to their friends and family.

Health & Safety

Functionality is just as important as an attractive design and you want to make sure your store is easy-to-navigate for everyone. Think about any health and safety risks when designing your layout and make sure your shop has disabled access. We have experience manufacturing pieces to ensure our clients’ stores are accessible for everyone; see the till point we created for Poundland specially designed for wheelchair access.

Optimising your store for health and safety concerns can be tricky. Our in-house design team are happy to help you incorporate this into your layout so you have total confidence in the practicality of your shop fit.


Choosing the right materials is key for a long-lasting, resilient shop fit. A less durable material may have a striking impact in the short term but you need to make sure your design can withstand the test of time without becoming tired and dated. At Retail Furniture, we can create bespoke pieces to suit your needs. We’re also one of only several manufacturers to specialise in PU Edging, which is a highly durable, resistant edging solution which allows you to customise any surface.

New Business

A high quality shop fit is important in attracting new business. As many retailers know, your products are only as appealing as the environment in which they’re presented. Potential new suppliers will be more enthusiastic about having their products stocked in your store if the retail environment is of a high standard.

We specialise in all aspects of retail furniture from the design concept through to shop fitting. Our friendly, expert team would be more than happy to discuss your requirements, so get in touch today.